Downloads Highest in Emerging Markets, Says App Annie

App Annie

Data from App Annie’s 2017 Retrospective Report has revealed that emerging markets have the highest download numbers for mobile apps.

Four of the top five countries for downloads in absolute numbers were emerging economies. The USA was the only developed economy in the list.

China, India, Brazil and Russia (The BRIC economies) were first, second, fourth and fifth on the ranking respectively.

China leads the download charts by far – over 80 billion apps were installed in 2017 alone in the country.

India and the USA saw around 15 billion downloads each, while Russia and Brazil saw close to 10 billion.

App Annie previously reported: “By any measure, China represents enormous opportunity when it comes to mobile.

“It has over one billion mobile devices, and accounts for $1 out of every $4 dollars generated globally across the app stores, in-app ads and mobile commerce.

“In Q4 2017 alone, app users in China spent well over 200 billion hours in apps. More than 4.5x the next largest market.”

Users in the USA download an average of three apps per month, their coverage notes, which suggests there are still growth opportunities in mature markets.

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