eHarmony Releases ‘The Happiness Index’


eHarmony has released ‘The Happiness Index’ on its website ‘’.

The index investigates questions such as “How in love are couples in America?” and “What exactly makes a relationship thrive?”.

The site outlines a range of findings, such as the result that 64% of Americans in relationships are “Very Happy” or happier.

The happiest couples, eHarmony reports, are those who are similar. They might enjoy camping or working out together, be around the same age, and have regular date nights together.

Happy couples have more sex than average, communicate openly, and are quick to reach compromises.

Around three in five people say they have completely open communication when they are in a relationship.

Money, differing libidos and work issues are among the major factors that put stress on relationships.

There is a loose but noticeable correlation between household income and relationship satisfaction.

Couples living in cities seem more satisfied in their relationships than those in the suburbs. Couples in suburbia are also less happy than those in rural areas.

One finding is that the more children couples have, the more extreme their arguments become. Three children, however, is optimal for happiness.

The results are based from 2,000 interviews with individuals age 18+ in long term relationships.

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