Attorney General of Kentucky Gives Out Catfishing Warnings


The Attorney General of Kentucky is warning people who use social media and online dating sites to find love and friendship about catfishing.

Attorney General Andy Beshear issued a warning about online catfishing scams after his office received reports from 11 Kentuckians who said they lost nearly $300,000 after being catfished by an online scammer.

Romance scams have tripled over the past five years, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Also, according to the FTC, $220 million was reportedly lost nationwide to online dating scams.

The FTC and Beshear’s office has recommended for people to never send any untraceable methods of payment to anyone online, especially if you have only met virtually.

They also recommended to watch out for any signs that are often associated with online scams (with romance or friendship), including the following:

  • Says they work overseas or serve abroad in the military
  • Asks to leave the social media or dating site to communicate
  • Falls in love/befriends very quickly
  • Claims they need money for an emergency and that they will pay you back as soon as they meet up with you.