Singles Increasingly Open to Dating People Who Speak Different Languages


Language learning leader Rosetta Stone Inc. and OkCupid conducted some new research and discovered that millennials are leading the way when it comes to international love.

The survey received nearly 700,000 responses in the 18-36, 37,53 and 54+ age groups.

The research suggested that millennials are the most likely to have their eyes on someone who can speak another language or comes from another country.

Nearly two-thirds of the participants said they could date someone who doesn’t speak their language very well – but millennials were the most likely group to agree to this, by almost 10%.

92% of all of the singles which were surveyed said they were interested in learning another language, with 94% saying they are more open-minded to things once they have visited somewhere new.

Chief Marketing Officer at OkCupid Melissa Hobley said: “We love to see that folks today are so open to people of other backgrounds. Love shouldn’t be confined to a certain region or spot on the map, and millennials are really the ones driving this open mindset forward. Unlike other generations, connecting online is something millennials have always known, and thanks to social media and dating apps, folks can connect in a meaningful way, even if they’re countries away.” 

The research also discovered that 70% of women, compared to 67% of men, think speaking another language is an attractive quality to have.

It also discovered that there is a huge desire for people wanting to learn a new language, with 93% of women and 91% of men admitting they want to learn.

Philip Dunne, Senior Vice President of Global Consumer, Rosetta Stone said: “It’s great to see that people aren’t looking at language as a barrier when it comes to love. People have an openness for making real connections, and we’re proud that Rosetta Stone helps bridge the communication gap by getting learners speaking and having life changing conversations in new languages. Flirting is always easier with the right words!”

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