Elate Launches AI-Powered Dating Assistant

Dating platform Elate has launched an AI-enabled dating and relationship assistant named Dara. This is part of a service that acts as “matchmaker, concierge and dating coach all in one”.

Sanjay Panchal, founder of Elate, shared the news about the new AI programme on LinkedIn this Valentine’s Day. 

“Like everyone has, I’ve been obsessed with ChatGPT. OpenAI has created an opportunity to pull forward a big part of my vision for Elate, to create tools that help with every stage of the relationship journey”, he explained.

“We’re already working on a new version of Elate that I’m really excited about so I set myself a challenge to create the MVP myself…in two weeks…in time for Valentine’s day”, Panchal continued.

Elate launched as a dating platform branding itself as “The world’s first anti-ghosting dating app”. 

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