Experts Reveal Dating Trends And Predictions For 2022

Experts have revealed their dating trends and predictions for 2022.

The report found that one third of 18-34-year-olds are looking for love this year. In addition, 37% of the millennials and Gen Z split want a relationship, while 32% are looking for marriage. 

The study, from the international dating app, happn, also discovered the top qualities singles are looking for in a partner, taking into account the year that just was, with both emotional and physical traits chosen. While singles are looking for a caring partner (40%), they certainly haven’t forgotten about their attraction to someone who has a friendly smile at the very least (61%).

The predictions for what’s to come this year were made by dating expert, Ipek Kucuk, who said: “Every New Year brings the opportunity to discover. Whether that be something new about ourselves in general or something new about our approach to dating. 

“Singles have had a tough time of late! Love lives have been put on pause for much longer than expected, and with that has come more than enough time to assess our successes and failures, and hopefully learn a few lessons along the way too.”

Kucuk made a number of predictions, including that 2022 will be the year of WanderLove (noun).

(Definition: The act of travelling with someone new, romantically).
Kucuk says: “We predict that singles will use 2022 as a chance to explore – not only new countries, but new people too. While embracing new experiences, singles may find someone on their wavelength, on their journey also. Whether these meets turn into long-term romances or a year-long summer love, these places and these people are good for the soul.”

The year of TimeTravel (noun)
Definition: Fast-forwarded romances. 

Kucuk says: “Now, we don’t mean time-travelling literally, obviously! A lot of singles, especially those who are feeling the time pressures that society loads on, will be anxious about whether their time has passed when it comes to finding ‘the one’. We will see a lot of quick couples; people who jump into new relationships and make some big commitments in those early days as they try to make up for ‘lost’ time over the past two pandemic-ridden years.” 

The year of the Anti-Adult (noun)
Definition: A name for singles who are embracing their wild side when it comes to dating.

Kucuk says: “There is certainly no shame in grabbing onto the fun things, or people, in life… and we’re going to see a lot of loose cannons around us this year! Now, an Anti-Adult doesn’t mean living without responsibilities. We believe we’ll see singles embracing freedom (when it comes) and fun, causing no harm in the process.” 

The year of Reincar-dating (verb)
Definition: A play-on-words. To reincarnate yourself, in a dating context. Understanding yourself again, fresh start, PMA, open to new things etc 

Kucuk says: “The New Year brings a chance for singles to take a step back, reset and be honest with what they’re looking for. We will see a new flow of daters who are taking the time to ‘reincar-date’ themselves! They will have taken a moment to understand themselves again, and with a positive mental attitude (PMA) on their side, these daters won’t be single for long.”

The year of the Here&Now-ers (noun)
Definition: Singles who are living in the moment.

Kucuk says: “While it’s important to have targets and set goals, it’s just as important to focus on how we’re feeling in the moment… and I know this is easier said than done! This year, we’ll see an influx of free-spirited daters who are living NOW. There is no ‘guide to life’ that we all have to follow. There are no boxes that we must tick by certain age milestones. The Here&Now-ers will take that imaginary rule book and burn it!”

Kucuk concludes: “Singles, before you kick off your dating quests this year, I want you to remember that above anything else – those pestering family members or friends, for example – whether you want to pursue a romantic relationship or not, is your choice. You may not always feel in total control of your love life, and that’s ok, but there’s no harm in reminding yourself that your choice matters the most. 2022 is yours after all.”

Luke Smith

Luke is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from London, he achieved a BA in Journalism from De Montfort University, Leicester. An experienced content writer, he enjoys a variety of sports, with a keen passion for his football team, Fulham FC.

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