Facebook Dating Launches in Colombia

Facebook Dating has launched in Colombia today, providing singles with a new data-driven way to meet a partner.

The platform avoids swiping, and limits users to showing interest 100 times per day. Dating profiles are separate from main profiles, as expected, but the dating functionality is housed within the main Facebook app.

On opt-in, singles can build a profile with up to 12 images. They can answer up to 20 questions about themselves, OKC-style, and add in details like religion, workplace and gender identity.

A search function helps to filter results by religion, age, height, and whether or not individuals have children. Users can also specify a maximum distance, which is set at 100km by default.

It is also possible to ‘unlock’ specific events and groups and see Facebook Dating users who have done the same. This feature helps people to connect around shared interests, and may be a uniquely powerful offering in the space given Facebook’s data on user ‘likes’.

Facebook Dating has a separate interface to Messenger, and messages sent through the service will not be marked as ‘read’ once they are received. Recipients have chats land in their ‘interested’ tab, before moving to the ‘conversations’ tab if they choose to reply.

Opening messages should be tied to a feature of the recipient’s profile, cutting down on generic first lines. Pictures cannot be sent via the in-app messenger, helping to reduce instances of lewd images arriving unsolicited. Further, singles will not be able to send multiple messages to someone who has not responded to their first message.

The service is geared towards long term, meaningful connections, and does not aim to compete directly with apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Adult Facebook users will receive a notification at the top of their news feed encouraging them to try Facebook Dating as it rolls out in their region.

Facebook Dating Product Manager Nathan Sharp said to TechCrunch: “The goal of the team is to make Facebook simply the best place to start a relationship online”.

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