Feeld Launches ‘Curiosity Hotline’

Feeld, a dating app known for its non-judgemental and non-conformist principles, has launched a ‘Curiosity Helpline’. The service will help callers learn more about sexuality and dating, answering questions that can’t be answered elsewhere.

Interested individuals can call 1-888-FEELD11 to get involved.

“Whether you are curious about different relationship styles, exploring your sexuality and desires with a partner, or are new to dating beyond the norm – call the Feeld Hotline and get curious”, the dating app explained. The service will only be available in the U.S, Hypebae reports. 

The hotline will accompany a ‘Curiosity Booth’ experience in Portland, Oregon where visitors can anonymously share stories, ask questions, or discuss fantasies they’ve been holding onto. 

Photo from Hypebae.