Feeld’s Slack Bot Was Installed On The Washington Post Newsroom’s Slack Channel


Last week, Feeld raised eyebrows when it launched a dating bot for work communication platform Slack.

The bot can be added to a company’s Slack channel, and once downloaded enables employees to connect with other colleagues.

If someone @mentions a colleague they are interested in, and that person @mentions them back, Feeld’s bot will notify them and the pair can start chatting.

And as one reporter named Lisa Bonos was researching the story, she downloaded the Slack bot and it was shared around her place of work – the newsroom at The Washington Post.

In a recent article, Bonos says at the time she was on the phone to Feeld founder Dimo Trifonov, who admitted that “his bot probably won’t fit the culture of large corporations like The Washington Post”.

Instead, Trifonov sees it as a fit for startups or “zero-hierarchy companies”.

In its manifesto on the new launch, Feeld wrote that “the workplace often introduces us to like-minded humans”, and while “having feelings for them is natural and amazing”, the startup was keen to stress some “common sense” rules around initiating contact.

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