Google Cancelling Test Allowing Longer Descriptions In Expanded Text Ads

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is killing a test that allowed advertisers to add a second line of description to their expanded text ads.

This extra line gave AdWords users 80 more characters to expand the descriptions of their ads.

But after almost six months, Google is now shelving the idea and it will not be fully rolled out.

Users noticed this after seeing an alert that stated: “Additional description is going away. Starting this September, text ads will no longer include the optional Additional description field.

“Your existing ads will continue to show without it. To continue using the content you’ve added in this field, create a new ad. You can also bulk download your existing ad text.”

The cancel of this test comes as Google starts to fully roll out its AMP landing pages to users of AdWords.

The program lets AdWords members use the fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for search ads.

This will allow advertisers to link their search ads to AMP landing pages, therefore dramatically speeding up an ad’s load time.

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