Google Launches New Way To Test Landing Pages Of AdWords Ads

Google Analytics

The beta test of a Google’s integration to help marketers change and test the landing pages of AdWords ads is now open.

Announced in May, the Optimize and AdWords integration gives marketers an “easy way to change and test the landing pages related to their AdWords ads.”

For those who are already Optimize users, you simply link your AdWords account and can begin creating landing pages tests.

Detailing an example of possible use cases for the service, Google said: “Suppose you want to improve your flower shop’s sales for the keyword “holiday bouquets.”

“You might use the Optimize visual editor to create two different options for the hero spot on your landing page: a photo of a holiday dinner table centerpiece versus a banner reading “Save 20% on holiday bouquets.”

“And then you can use Optimize to target your experiment to only show to users who visit your site after searching for “holiday bouquets.”

“If the version with the photo performs better, you can test it with other AdWords keywords and campaigns, or try an alternate photo of guests arriving with a bouquet of flowers.”

With the beta launch, users of Optimize and Optimize 360 can also now see more data from Analytics.

Previous users could only see standing objects like page views, session duration, or bounce rate, or use a pre-created goal from Analytics.

Now they can create a goal from within Optimize, and tracking against things like Event Category or Page URL.

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