Google Releases Developer Policy Update for Play Store

New App Cateogires

Google is trying to clean up the Play Store by releasing an updated version of its developer policy.

Under the new regulations, a variety of apps will be banned in an effort to make the store safer for users of all ages.

Some of the types of apps that have been banned include cryptocurrency miners, firearm stores and deceptive or dishonest programmes.

Google has also suspended some apps that have been built using automated wizards or based on templates. However, when Apple introduced a similar restriction, it faced backlash as some developers thought it was making it impossible for small businesses and non-profits to publish on the app store.

Google has carefully worded the policy to ensure that apps built using templates can be uploaded, so long as they are uploaded from an individually registered developer account.

Apps that sell firearms, ammunition and explosives have been banned. Certain accessories that are used to simulate automatic fire, or convert to automatic fire have also been removed.

Deceptive apps have been targeted, such as ones that include adult themes but are aimed at children, and apps that are only designed to serve adverts.

The Play Store’s 3.5 million apps is approximately double the amount of apps on the App Store. However, that number is expected to sink considerably after the clean up.

Despite its smaller size, the App Store brought in almost double the amount of revenue in early 2018. Google’s new policy could cause this gap to become even bigger by the end of the year.

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