Google Rolling Out Fast-Loading AMP Pages For AdWords Globally In Two Weeks

Google AdWords

In the next two weeks, Google will start rolling out AMP capabilities for landing pages to users of AdWords.

Having announced the ability to use the fast-loading AMP landing pages earlier this year at Google Marketing Next, the feature is now being made available to everyone following a beta test.

The program lets AdWords members use the fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for search ads.

This will allow advertisers to link their search ads to AMP landing pages, therefore dramatically speeding up an ad’s load time.

Google AMP

Speaking about their results using AMP pages, Leif Grenevall, CEO of Adtraction Visits, said: “AMP plus AdWords equals better conversion rates. These results also prove that even if your mobile site loads in four seconds, there’s scope for improvement.

“We’re absolutely confident about the benefits of AMP. We’re now building more and more AMP pages for most of our large and enterprise clients across all markets.”

For the global roll-out, Google said AMP landing pages for search text ads will be available for all mobile clicks, but caching will currently only be available for the Chrome browser on Android.

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