Google Will Now Tell You Why Pages Aren’t Getting Indexed

Google Index Reporting

Google is preparing the release of a new reporting tool that will tell you why pages are not being indexed.

The new Index Coverage report shows the count of indexed pages and information about why some pages could not be indexed, as well as example pages and tips on how to fix any indexing issues.

The new reporting tool will also enable a simple sitemap submission flow, and the capability to filter all Index Coverage data to any of the submitted sitemaps.

Google’s new insights feature is part of an “extensive” redesign of Search Console.

The update includes more actionable insights by grouping issues together by common root-cause, added workflow sharing functionality and faster feedback and communication with Google.

With the Index Coverage report, Google is also introducing a new AMP Issues report, which will show the current AMP issues affecting your site, grouped by the underlying error.

Earlier this year, Google announced a new program that will let AdWords users create fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for search ads.

Read more about it here.