Grindr Launches Web Beta

Grindr, the world’s largest social network for the LGBTQ+ community, announced the launch of its web beta. Users will now be able to access the platform via their web browser, meaning people who aren’t out of the closet don’t have to install the app on their phone.

Other benefits of this new feature include the ability to view profile photos using the larger screens of computers, and that chatting is made easier as users can take advantage of having a keyboard.

Grindr also highlights that this provides more options for users in how they want to interact with the platform, whether it be at home or at work. Additionally, if a user’s phone dies, they now have a secondary way to access the platform.

“This first iteration of Grindr Web is great for anyone looking to navigate our digital world from a browser instead of an app – bigger photos, easier chatting, I think people – especially folks more my age – are going to like it,” said George Arison, CEO of Grindr. 

“I’m excited, too, about what this sets us up to do with Grindr’s future, including: more discrete payment options, edgier content, and even whole experiences more specific to hooking up. This is just the beginning”, he added.

At this stage, the Grindr Web Beta is exclusively available for XTRA and Unlimited subscribers.

Click here to visit the Grindr Web Beta page.