Tinder Bans Social Handles on Profiles

In a recent update to their community guidelines, dating app Tinder has restricted the ability for users to promote their business or social media accounts. The platform will be removing social handles that users add to their profile bios.

“The updates to Tinder’s Community Guidelines will help keep Tinder a place for making meaningful connections”, the platform shared.

The changes to this policy reflect that “Tinder is not a place to promote businesses to try making money. Members shouldn’t advertise, promote, or share social handles or links to gain followers, sell things, fundraise, or campaign”, it explained.

This also means “Tinder isn’t the place for any sort of sex work, escort services, or compensated relationships”, according to the platform’s updated Community Guidelines. 

The dating platform also made it clear to users that they should not spread false or misleading information, including false reports about other users. It also reminds users that private chats with matches should not be shared publicly without consent.

You can read Tinder’s full press release about the updated guidelines here.

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