Happn Survey Asks What Singles Are Really Looking For Online

Homeless Happns

European dating app Happn recently did some research to find out exactly what singles are looking for.

Using feedback from over 1,000 Happn users, the survey looked at areas such as user expectations, how long it takes singles to share phone numbers and what they think about meeting up with their online matches in real life.

Interestingly, not many users said they were looking for hookups, the survey finding that 62% of those asked were looking for a relationship from the app.

Michelle Toglia, the Sex & Relationships editor at Bustle, who Happn partnered with for the study, said: “Dating apps have been targeted as reinforcements of the ‘hookup culture’ since they hit the dating scene a few years ago.

“With findings that the majority of single men and women are looking for relationships on their apps and are hopeful they’ll find love on them, our survey with Happn shows that might not be the case at all.”


The survey found that 72% of women and 56% of men were looking for relationships on Happn, compared to 14% of women and 28% of men wanting just a date.

And people aren’t just flicking through their options when they have a spare few minutes over lunch, with 35% of women and 47% of men saying they used dating apps like Happn throughout the day.

In addition to this, 37% of women and 50% of men said they used dating apps every day.

When it comes to taking things offline, 59% of the survey’s respondents said they asked for someone’s phone number “usually within a few days”.

And most were keen to speed things up to find out if there was chemistry, with 39% of women and 41% of men saying they do not want to wait to meet in real life.

This compares to 78% of women and 85% men saying they did want to eventually meet up with an online match.


Didier Rappaport, CEO and co-founder of Happn said: “When we developed Happn, our mission was to create a seamless platform that allows people a second chance at a first encounter.

“Two years later, we’ve amassed a global following of 20 million and counting — and our app has become the means by which people who share the same work commute, or go to the same gym or enjoy the same music at a concert are meeting.

“Our next-generation dating app, Happn, is less about algorithms and swiping, and more about real people making real life connections.

“Our continued growth around the world and findings from our survey with Bustle confirm that Happn is helping bridge the gap between digital and real life interactions.”

The survey took responses from over 1,000 Happn users in their 20s and 30s between 2nd and 27th of June.

To find out more about the survey and what it found click here.