Hatched Expands into Florida

Dating app Hatched has expanded its services into Florida, with singles in the state now able to download the app. Hatched helps users to find deeper connections by focusing on personality & core values as the main criteria for matching.

Hatched, which was founded and first-launched in Atlanta, is now available in Florida. The dating platform matches users together through similar personality traits and values, prompting them to share more about themselves before being able to see their match’s face.

Upon first matching, the two users are asked the same question and answer accordingly. With each answer provided, more of their faces are revealed, until the match is fully ‘hatched’. Once this is done, the two users have created a strong foundation for the conversation to continue.

The platform launched a number of initiatives to drive user growth. In July 2023 Hatched gave away freebies at various IRL events for 12 consecutive days in order to raise awareness about the app.

Before that, the platform partnered with a dog park and social hub to host a number of singles events where dog lovers could meet compatible people. 

To find out more about Hatched, listen to this episode of The GDI Podcast where the platform’s Founder & CEO, Mitch Alterman, told us about the philosophy behind the app and its journey as a startup. 

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