Lease My Love: Serious Dating App with In-Built Accountability

Lease My Love is set to deliver a dating experience that addresses common frustrations amongst singles, including unserious or ill-intentioned matches. The app has a number of features which promote accountability and safety for IRL meetups.

Founded by Trevor Ngalla, the platform wants to encourage a culture of more intentional and serious-minded dating. 

As part of this, the app has in-built features to ensure users respect each other’s time and efforts. For example, users must schedule their dates in advance and must stick to a two-week commitment period from the time the date is agreed upon.

Furthermore the platform deploys ‘Date Credits’ that serve as insurance so that both individuals follow through with the date. These Date Credits can be acquired, collected, and then traded for gift cards.

In terms of its safety measures, Lease My Love asks users to upload a short in-app video at the public location of a planned meetup on the agreed day. This helps to eliminate catfishing and provide more assurance about an in-person date.

The platform shared that it currently has 10,000 users on its waiting list, and is set to launch on the Apple App store this fall in New York. The long term plan is to eventually expand onto Android systems and other major cities in the U.S.

You can find out more about Lease My Love on its website here. 

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