Hickey: A New Casual Dating App

Hickey is a new dating app that is helping singles find a like-minded partner, no matter what type of relationship they’re looking for. Amongst its user-friendly features, the platform allows singles to filter potential matches by their fantasies, and more. 

After feedback from users collected in June 2023, Hickey has unveiled a host of new features to improve the user experience of the platform.

One of these new features is a system where users can customise their feed of potential matches, filtering by age, interests, location, the type of relationship they’re looking for, and their fantasies.

They’ve also implemented a travel mode where users can connect with singles in other cities. The feature will hide a user’s default location while allowing them to make connections beyond geographical boundaries.

Hickey added a ‘backtrack’ feature where users have a second chance when making a decision they regret on the app.

Alongside these new features, the dating app has released two tiers of membership for users who are keen to take advantage of premium offerings. The Hickey Pro tier will enable access to some of the features mentioned above, while Hickey Premium includes full-access and “more weekly benefits”.

You can find out more about Hickey on its website here. 

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