Hinge Suggests Alternative Actions to Ghosting

Hinge’s in-house director of research, Logan Ury, published a newsletter on the phenomenon of ghosting, in which a romantic partner suddenly ends a relationship by ending all communication..

It is seen as one of the biggest online dating issues at the moment, although it has obviously dropped in recent months due to the lack of offline dates. 

91% of Hinge users say that they have been ghosted at least once, while 63% admit to ghosting someone.

According to Ury, ghosters do it because they feel uncomfortable rejecting someone and think it is less harmful to just disappear.

However, 85% of people would prefer to receive a message of rejection so they know the relationship has been officially ended.

Ury explained in a blog post: “When you’re upfront and honest with someone about how you feel they will appreciate it. They’ll confirm you’re a good person, which will make you feel better.”

She also advises that people draft a blunt but clear template message that they can send to matches when they realise that the connection has no romantic future.

Hinge launched a podcast series last year called ‘Ghost Stories’. The premise invited former matches and couples to discuss why their relationship broke down after one of them decided to ghost.

Read the full post here.

Dominic Whitlock

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