Hubstars Survey Finds Singles Want to Offline Date Again

A recent survey from Hubstars has found that there is an increasing number of people who are open to meeting in person once again.

Despite the popularity of the virtual dating trend and many people expecting that it’s here to stay, this information shows that there will always be a desire for offline dates.

Just under 3,000 users of Hubstars platforms were asked for their current dating preferences. Responses were gathered from North America, the UK, Spain, India and South Africa.

61% of men and 46% of women who are on ‘Dating Network’ services said that they are happy to meet offline, either socially distanced or normally, no matter the position of the vaccine rollout. Approximately 12% were also happy to go on a date as long as at least one person had received a vaccination.

The overall difference in attitudes between genders was highlighted by women being 88% more likely to opt for online dates at this stage. Men were 77% more likely to ignore the vaccine status of their potential partners.

Users of ‘Casual Network’ platforms appear to be more cautious about COVID-19, which may come as a surprise to some commentators.

When it comes to casual dating, 41% of women and 28% of men want to wait until they are fully vaccinated before meeting in person. The added care could be largely due to their intention to meet a larger number of people.

Hubstars continues to display prominent advice for users on all platforms about how to date safely in their local area.

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