Huggle is Encouraging its Users to Celebrate Being Single on Valentine’s Day


Huggle is encouraging its users to embrace being single on Valentine’s Day.

Many people feel more pressure to find a date when it comes to the Valentine’s period, but Huggle believe that being single is something to be celebrated.

On Valentine’s Day (tomorrow), Huggle has decided to turn its dating mode off in order for users to focus on self love.

Valerie Stark, co-founder of Huggle said: “While we want users to continue using Huggle in the way they always have, we are more focused on them finding lasting and meaningful connections, as opposed to rushed and panicked decisions.”

Even though Valentine’s Day is a day for people who are loved up, but research has shown that people in relationships are actually envious of single individuals.

A 2016 first4lawyers survey discovered that 34% of people who are in a relationship believed they would have more fun being single instead.

However, 35% of single people would like to be in a relationship.

Another recent study by GiftFlick discovered that 51% of women and 68% of men admitted that Valentine’s Day doesn’t actually mean that much to them.

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