Liftoff’s Annual Dating Apps Report: User Engagement by Operating System

Mobile app marketing and retargeting firm Liftoff has released its 2018 report on the dating industry.

Drawing from an analysis of nearly 12 billion ad impressions across 4.4 million app installs spanning from December 1, 2016 to December 1, 2017, Liftoff’s Dating Report revealed a number of trends in the sector.

The third section of the report concerns dating app engagement by operating system.

On the surface, the report notes, Android users come in at almost half the price of iOS users to acquire.

Strikingly, it costs $3.76 per registration for Android and $6.47 per registration for iOS.

This is not the whole picture, however – the authors write: “The story flips when we examine install-to-subscribe costs and conversion rates.

“Nearly 2% of iOS users commit to recurring costs, compared with only 1.1% of Android users.”

This is in line with wider research, that suggests iOS users tend to spend more on their favourite apps than Android users.

The section of the report closes by suggesting that developers should be aware of the audience they wish to target, and should not make a decision based solely on conversion numbers:

“Targeting iOS users in regions where Android rules may be a great way to burn money, not make it.”

GDI will cover the findings on seasonality and regions in upcoming articles.

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Download the full report here.