Iceland Faces Online Dating Challenges Due To Population Size

Being such a small island means that Iceland is faced with the problem of singletons running into relatives on dating apps. 

With a population of 376,248 as of 2022 and 70% of these living near the capital Reykjavik, dating apps have taken it upon themselves to find a solution for this problem. To resolve this issue, one company has developed a mobile app called Íslendinga-App.

This app’s name refers to the online database called Íslendingabók which has every Icelander and the ways in which they could be related. All users have to do is type someone’s name into the app and they will receive the results of how related they are to one another.

A novelty feature is the ‘ Incest Spoiler’ where people can just bump their phones together (if they both have the app) to reveal the answer, which may or may not be desirable depending on how well the date is going.

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