Brixton Students Build Dating Site To Help EU Citizens Stay In UK

I'd Be Nothing Without EU
Following last month’s Brexit referendum, two London students have created a dating site designed to help EU citizens stay in the UK.

With many unsure of what the Leave decision will mean for EU citizens already in the UK, Brixton-based Katy Edelsten, 25, and Chloe Cordon, 23, decided to build a new site called I’d Be Nothing Without EU.

The dating service matches British passport holders with EU citizens who are living in the UK.

The students, from School of Communication Arts in Brixton, said they were inspired to build the site after seeing reports about an increase of hate crimes after the Brexit vote.

Speaking about the idea, Cordon said: “We study in a really diverse, multi-­cultural school, which has benefited us as people in so many ways.

“When we heard the result of the vote, there was a lot of uncertainty amongst our friends, and we really wanted to do something about it.”

The site essentially helps EU citizens connect with people who have a British passport, with the ultimate goal of them getting married and securing a British visa.

The dating service is free, and after users say whether they are a British passport holder or an EU citizen, they can search depending on their residential status in the UK.

The site’s student creators said: “We think the EU and the UK are better together, all because of the people.

“Our aim is to match up as many lovely couples as possible, who we hope will fall so madly deeply in love that they can’t help but get hitched.

“We say “let the British passports flow.” Because we hate hate and love love.”

Check out I’d Be Nothing Without EU here.