Inside Andrew Tate’s Predatory Dating App Behaviour

A victim of Andrew Tate’s predatory behaviour online has come forward to share her story. She explains that she matched with Tate on a dating app, stated seeing him, and was pressured by him to join his sex work business.

Sharing her testimony with Vice World News, Lisa (not her real name) explains she matched with Tate on Tinder, and then met up with him in real life where he appeared charming and nice. Eventually, Tate gave her an ultimatum: to be my girlfriend you have to work for me.

Lisa would later discover this ‘work’ meant performing for Tate’s webcam sex business located in Romania. 

She shared that she discovered Tate was recruiting potential workers from dating platforms and social media sites, using the ‘loverboy’ technique of attracting women and then exploiting them for his business interests.

Tate, who was recently arrested by Romanian authorities, is accused of exploiting women as part of an organised crime operation. Lisa is just one of several victims to speak with Vice World News about being approached by Tate on internet sites.

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