Pew Research Center: 3 in 10 Adults Have Used Dating Platforms

Surveys conducted by Pew Research Center revealed that three in ten US adults have used a dating platform, with 46% of that group saying they’ve used Tinder.

The survey looked at the popularity of certain apps, revealing that three in ten online dating users have tried Match or Bumble. Among the LGB users, 34% have tried Grindr, and 10% have downloaded HER.

In good news for smaller dating sites, three in ten online dating users shared that they have tried online dating platforms outside of the eight major brands mentioned in the survey.

When it comes to age, over 50% of adults under 30 reported using a dating platform, including a 25% who have used one in the past year. However only 20% of 50-64 year olds, and 13% of over 65s, have used a dating platform.

The effectiveness of dating apps is clear, with one in ten adults with a significant other reporting that they met their partner via a dating platform. This increases with under 30s, with 20% of this group finding their partner online.

Despite this efficiency, respondents also highlight the downfalls of online dating. Almost half of respondents say dating platforms are not at all or not too safe. 48% report experiencing one of the following: unwanted sexual advances, unwanted continued contact, being called an offensive name, or being physically threatened.

The research was conducted in mid-2022, surveying over 6,000 US adults. Click here to read the report in full. 

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