Instagram Hits 800m MAUs, 500m Daily Users & 2m Advertisers


Instagram revealed last week at an event in NYC that it now has over 800m users using the app every month, and 500m people using the service every day.

It has added over 100m new monthly active users since April 2017.

In addition to this, Instagram also has 2m advertisers using the platform, up from 1m in March.

With the announcement, the platform announced new moderation features that are set to roll out to both public and private accounts.

Photo by @runnerkimhall Today, we’re announcing new tools and programs to keep Instagram a safe and positive place for self-expression. Since the beginning, we’ve tried to make Instagram a welcoming place for everyone. Our community has grown to 800 million, with 500 million using it every day. It’s more important than ever to strengthen our commitment to safety and kindness. Over time, we’ve launched a number of tools to help you manage the comments experience, and today we’re introducing more. Starting today, if your account is public, you’ll see a new way to choose who can comment on your posts — from everyone to just groups of people, like people you follow or your followers. Also, whether your account is public or private, you’ll be able to block other accounts from commenting on your posts. In June, we launched a filter to block certain offensive comments in English, today we are expanding this filter to Arabic, French, German and Portuguese. The filter will improve over time, enabling the community’s experience of sharing to improve as well. We’re continuing to provide mental health resources to you when you need them most. If you see someone going through a difficult time or in need of support during a live broadcast, you can report it anonymously. The person will see a message offering help with options to talk to a helpline, reach out to a friend or get other tips and support. We have teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, around the world to respond. We feel as strongly about creating a safe and welcoming environment today as we did when our community was just getting started. To learn more about these tools and others, visit Thank you for being on this journey with us, and for taking care of each other. Kevin Systrom Co-Founder & CEO

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This will build upon safer messages, and enable users to block any account from commenting on their posts.

Instagram also revealed that time spent by users viewing video on Instagram is up by 80% year-over-year, and users are producing four times as much video every day than they were last year.