Intercom Releases New Book On Growing A Startup

Intercom growing a startup

Customer messaging platform Intercom has just released a new book about growing a startup.

The book is compiled of highlights from over 500 articles the company has published in the past six years, plus some new content, in both a web and print version.

Introducing the book on ProductHunt, Intercom’s managing editor John Collins said: “Delighted to be sharing this at last as we’ve been working on it at Intercom for several months.

“We’ve taken some of our best writing on starting up from our blog, added in our latest thinking and sprinkled it with some stories from the early days of the company.

“It’s divided into 9 questions that we believe every startup is going to have to answer as it grows e.g. what to build, who to hire, why culture matters etc.”

The book covers topics including:

  • Choosing what product and features to build
  • How to think about your first hires
  • How to attract your first customers
  • How to measure your business
  • How to build your company culture

Available in hardback or as a digital download, you can either order the hardback book for $10 plus shipping, or get the digital version as a PDF by donating $5 to Black Girls Code, or get it for free by sharing with a friend.

Find out more here.