Interview: Match’s Chief Dating Expert Discusses ‘Do You’ Campaign

Global Dating Insights spoke with Rachel DeAlto, Match’s Chief Dating Expert to find out more about the platform’s new campaign ‘Do You. Until you find someone worth doing’.

The campaign’s message tells singles that focusing on who you really are, and finding out what you truly want, are key to valuable connections. To help them do this, Match is offering free therapy from BetterHelp to assist in this process. Here’s what Rachel had to say:

Starting at the beginning, can you tell us about your role as Chief Dating Expert at Match?

Rachel: I’m Match’s Chief Dating Expert and have been working in the dating and relationship space since 2010. I’ve navigated many waters, from flirting to dating, and right now I’m focused on helping people find meaningful relationships through my work with Match. 

What have you noticed about how singles prioritise themselves, and the impact this has on their sex / romantic life?

Rachel: We have noticed a shift in singles priorities away from physical attributes and towards emotional connections. This rise in awareness also involves self awareness. Singles are more than ever cognizant of who and what is worthy of an investment of their energy. We’d much rather a dater focus on doing themselves for a bit than investing in something that may not have the greatest return. 

What are the objectives of this new campaign from Match and what message should people take away from it?

Rachel: Match believes the most important relationship is with yourself. So we say: In a world where you can choose to do anything – or anyone – choose to do you first. Doing you is the key to unlocking who you really are, what you want, what you need and how to ask for it. With this new campaign, we’re highlighting that the best relationships show up when you show up for yourself first. 

The campaign also involves offering free therapy from BetterHelp. Can you share more about what BetterHelp does and the role of therapy in this new campaign?

Rachel: 87% of singles say it’s important to prioritize your mental health and at Match, we understand that the best relationships happen when you put yourself first. So we’re partnering with BetterHelp, a leading mental health service platform, to gift free therapy to Match users via a 1-month complimentary membership because therapy, self-care, and emotional maturity are the new triple threat.

How important is it for online dating companies to stay aware of trends among singles and create relevant campaigns such as this?

Rachel: It feels like in dating that there is a new trend or term weekly, and yet the foundation of love is always the same. We at Match are focused on helping singles find lasting love and healthy relationships. We would much rather retain that focus, than encourage people to date for the sake of dating. 

How do you expect sex, dating or relationships to evolve and change looking towards the end of 2022 and the start of 2023?

Rachel: I believe that daters will continue to grow in emotional intelligence. We are seeing values and priorities shift, and the emotional intelligence of those out there looking for love is something to be celebrated. I would also imagine that daters will continue to grow in their own empowerment.

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