Israeli Military Hacked by Hoax Dating Apps


Palestinian Islamist group, Hamas, have reportedly been trying to hack the Israeli military using dating apps.

Two fake dating apps and one fake World Cup score-tracking app were removed from the Google Play store this week.

Members of Hamas apparently used false identities to contact Israeli soldiers, encouraging them to download the apps onto their smartphones.

They were designed to steal data from the phones, as well as remotely turning on their cameras and microphones to conduct live spying.

An Israeli military security officers told Business Insider that the World Cup app was “a very good one, giving you the game results.”

He was also confident that the hacks had minimal impact on the military saying: “We know of no damage that was done.”

Fewer than 100 soldiers were affected.

The US Marine Corps have recently been criticized for using Bumble to try and sign up new recruits.

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