Italian Affiliate EXPO 2019 to Take Place in Rome

The second edition of Affiliate EXPO will be hosted in Rome from 29th-31st March 2019, at the Mercure Roma West Hotel.

The event sees the greatest minds in the Italian Affiliate Marketing world come together for three days of workshops, networking, and case studies told by important international marketers such as Attila Odri and Adriano De Arcangelis.

Affiliate EXPO concerns everything Affiliate Marketing, including the tax and legal aspects that relate to it.

It is an invitation to all web marketing enthusiasts; a call for all marketers, e-commerce managers, digital entrepreneurs, services and tools providers, young startups, and Communication and Marketing students looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

The event was born from an idea by Adriano De Arcangelis of the Gold Affiliate Team, and developed into a chance for personal and professional training, offering an opportunity to forge partnerships and joint ventures.

Daniele Butturini, Event Manager at Affiliate EXPO says: “There are many events on Affiliate Marketing throughout the world. Italy has plenty of affiliate marketers and it is a thriving market in Europe, but there was not the possibility of joining together [before].

Reflecting on Affiliate EXPO 2018, the event organisers added: “We are very happy and satisfied. We would never have thought of such numbers.

“Affiliate EXPO 2018 saw the participation of more than 650 persons, 28 Sponsors and over 100 publications. For the second edition on March 2019 they expect more than 700 participants, more than 35 Sponsors and over 150 publications.”

During Affiliate EXPO 2019, participants will take advantage of professional speeches, networking activities and industry parties.

The Program

29th March

DAYTIME: Networking, Affiliate Experiences (Affiliate GP 2019: Go-Kart Race)

NIGHTTIME: Networking & Party

30th March

DAYTIME: Speeches, Mastermind

NIGHTTIME: Networking & Party

31st March

DAYTIME: Speeches, Mastermind & Networking

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