JWed Announces The Launch of JWedServices.com

JWed.com has announced the launch of JWedServices.com, helping Jewish singles find their match sooner. Launched over 20 years ago and soon to reach the milestone of  4,000 marriages, JWed.com is one of the leading online Jewish dating for marriage services.

The services is exclusively for Jewish and marriage-minded singles of all ages, all Jewish backgrounds and all locations. The New JWed Service will offer dating advice, coaches, profile writers, and much more.

The launch of JWedServices.com has in some part been a proactive move to meet the new and increasing needs that manifest during the worldwide Covid pandemic.

As Derek Saker, Co-founder and CEO of JWed explains, “The pandemic has seen a significant increase in the two laggards of online dating. Younger singles ages 18-28 and more senior singles ages 55+.”

With the absence of social opportunities, young Jewish singles gravitated to online dating, and with so many now having met and married online, online dating has really become the medium no longer of “last resort,” but “first resort.”

Parallel to this growth, has been a huge increase in online dating amongst more senior Jewish singles. This Saker explains is for two reasons. “Loneliness was ever more acute amongst this age group and two, with the help of family/friends, this generation of singles has, and continues to overcome any fears or concerns about the logistics of online dating.”

In addition, since JWed’s purchase of Supertovah, a free dating service created by dating pioneer Justin Corsa and the acquisition by JWed of a number of Facebook singles groups, JWed has heard the feelings of many singles who feel they are “just not closer to meeting the right one.”

This feeling, coupled with the new post-pandemic online dating reality, has fueled JWed’s decision to provide more dating support as in online dating advice, dating coaching and matchmaking help.