Kismia Launches Senior Dating Platform Tips

Kismia has launched their new dating platform, designed for seniors over the age of 60. They have recently released a set of tips in order to make the dating journey of a senior easier:

  • Find a suitable dating platform – Find one that offers the best experience for older users.
  • Carefully create a dating profile – Take time creating a profile, complete every step during registration and read all of the instructions.
  • Post some nice pictures – Pictures smiling or doing something interesting will attract other singles.
  • Talk with other users – Make the most of the chat features and connect with like-minded people.

They even went as far as to suggest ways in order to create a unique dating profile:

  • Boost yourself with unique photos – Things such as photos whilst at a cooking class make some of the best profiles.
  • Be descriptive but not too lengthy – In the bio, your personality and interests and hobbies should be at the forefront.
  • Specify what you are looking for – Not all dating sites ask for the specifics, so by specifying what it is that you want for the future can assist you in your journey.

Kismia said: “Online dating is the most popular trend nowadays, and many people choose to date online because this type of dating offers a lot of advantages. However, most singles think online dating is only suitable for young people.

“Yes, senior dating can be challenging, but not if you choose to date online. Many dating sites were created specifically to connect seniors over 60 with compatible singles. If you join a dating site, here’s what you should pay attention to.”