Liverpool FC Promotes Launch of Mental Health App YAPA

New mental health app YAPA has been officially released on iOS and Android after a launch party last Friday.

The app was created by Temptr Founder Jack Knowles and is a social media platform that doesn’t include likes, a follower count or any photos, apart from a profile picture.

Instead, YAPA focuses on positive conversations and offers a safe space for users to support each other through their own mental health issues.

Retired professional footballer Chris Kirkland, who opened up about his own struggles with mental health approximately 18 months ago, helped to develop the app.

Liverpool FC, one of of Kirkland’s old clubs, supported the roll out and posted an article on its website promoting YAPA.

Kirkland told LFC: “[Mental health] issues are a lot more publicised now than they were in the past, which is good in raising awareness, but there’s still a stigma around mental health that won’t go away.

“People will still find opening up and seeking help hard to do, so if we can help people do that through the YAPA app then all the hard work that has gone into releasing it will be worthwhile.

“Right now I’m in a good place; I still have bad days but I’m better equipped to deal with those days, thanks to opening up and getting help, and that’s what we want people to do.”

The launch party was held at a cocktail bar in Birmingham and was attended by a number of reality TV stars – including former Celebs Go Dating expert Nadia Essex.

In an audio clip posted on YAPA’s Twitter page, Essex said: “I personally find that social media has become anything but social and YAPA is the very first app that is going to bring us together. No trolling, no pictures, no likes, just good conversation.”

Visit the YAPA website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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