Google Deletes Millions of Fake Play Store Ratings

Google has revealed it recently spent a week tackling fake reviews on the Play Store. The large-scale cull saw millions of ratings removed from the marketplace.

Thousands of apps that were suspected of encouraging unethical behavior were also expelled from the Play Store.

Some creators might buy positive reviews to make their app seem much better than it is and increase its viability to potential users on the store.

Earlier this year, Google installed an AI-based system that deletes potentially fake reviews. It looks out for suspicious activity, such as a sudden increase in five-star ratings.

In February, the algorithm appeared to remove over 2,000 legitimate reviews on an app called Game Dev Tycoon.

The Play Store was created just over a decade ago and to mark its tenth birthday, App Annie published a report documenting some of its key highlights.

Tinder was found to be the second largest app of all-time by consumer spend.

Despite registering over twice as many downloads as its nearest competitor, the Play Store brings in half the revenue of the iOS App Store.

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Dominic Whitlock

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