LoopDating Rewards Active Users With Visibility


A new dating site,, rewards user activity with visibility of their profile.

Nick D’Anello, the owner of LoopDating, said the idea was inspired by Google’s search listings.

He also did his own experiment, putting attractive and less attractive people at the top of the homepage, and finding their profiles got the same number of clicks.

D’Anello said:

“Traditional online dating sites often offer higher placement for an ‘extra service charge’. With, being on the front page only depends on your involvement.

“Rather than paying fees for a front page profile, getting to the front page is literally just a matter of posting, or looping, a photo. We have 100 spots available on the front page at any given moment.

“And looping back to the top of the page is as easy as clicking the “loop me” button.”

Users make their profile visible to other users by continued use of the site, and to remain on the front page, they must keep active.

Anyone can view a user’s profile, but you can only message by signing up to LoopDating.

D’Anello said:

“Traditional dating websites have thousands of profiles. These profiles bury each other deeper and deeper by the minute.

“It’s like walking into a roomful of single people and turning off the lights. You can’t see who’s winking at you. Even using search results/filters doesn’t solve the problem because the profile you should be seeing may end up on page 20 of your search.

“The solution seemed obvious — let people take a more pro-active stance and make themselves more visible by ‘turning on the lights’.”

The founder said that the website “isn’t designed to be ‘pretty’. It’s built to be highly functional and puts real substance over trendy style.”

The site is currently free to sign up to, offers free photo “looping” and you can post and chat at will.

Visit the site here.

Simon Edmunds

Simon is the former editor of Global Dating Insights. Born in Newcastle, he has an English degree from Queen Mary, London and after working for the NHS, trained as a journalist with the Press Association. Passionate about music, journalism and Newcastle United.

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