Lumen Launches ‘50 Is Just The Start’ Campaign in Australia

Lumen has launched its ‘50 Is Just The Start’ campaign in Australia, an activation which aims to prove age is just a number and older people are still capable of being physically active.

The senior dating app worked with several Australians, including 63-year-old surfer Michael Cottier, 55-year-old pole dancer Sarah Jane Thompson and Joan Carroll, who goes to the gym every day at 82.

Speaking to The Stable, Cottier said: “When I turned 50 nearly 14 years ago, I felt I was not yet halfway in my life and had lots of joy to come. Since turning 50 I have loved knowing more about life and becoming the oldest professional surfer in the world.”

MagicLab brand Lumen also commissioned research featuring more than 1,000 Australians over the age of 50. 40% of the respondents are still exercising regularly, while 30% are constantly trying new experiences and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

CMO Charly Lester told Bandt: “Far too often the media sweeps anyone over the age of 50 into one ‘50+’ age bracket, and regularly depicts being ‘over 50’ with images of 70- or 80-year-olds. But there is a huge difference in those age groups.

“At Lumen, we want to put a stop to ageism and to celebrate people that are 50+ by highlighting that life is far from done with you ‘hit the big 5-0’ The individuals in our latest campaign do just that.”

The ‘50 Is Just The Start’ campaign kicked off in June with a series of videos starring The Silver Classix Crew, a street dance troupe comprised of women in their 50s and 60s.

Lumen launched in Australia in February. There are approximately three million senior singles looking for love in the country.

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