Man Said To Have Conned 15 Women He Met Online Out Of $360,000


46-year-old John Taylor could spend 30 years in prison, after he allegedly conned 15 women he met online out of $360,000.

From 2011-2016, Taylor is said to have used online dating platforms – including and Seeking Arrangement – to meet women, who he later persuaded to hand over personal and credit details.

The court papers say that Taylor went under the name of Jay Taylor and told the women that he was a well-off businessman in the oil industry.

The papers explain how Taylor persuaded one woman (who is named as Victim Two) that he needed her personal details and social security number in order to open a store credit account, which he said he would use to purchase her furniture.

However, Taylor is claimed to have used this information to open an American Express card, which he built up $60,000 of charges on.

Taylor supposedly agreed to pay back the money, however when Victim Two later asked about the payment, he threatened to send explicit images of her to her employer, the court papers say.

Two more of Taylor’s victims (Victim Five and Victim Six) are said to have agreed business deals with the conman, and another is said to have paid for him to stay in a Chicago hotel.

Overall, Taylor stole almost $360,000 from his victims and has been charged by Manhattan police with wire fraud, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, amongst other charges.

He faces up to 30 years in prison – the case is ongoing.