Match CEO Outlines Company’s Response to COVID-19’s CEO Hesam Hosseini has taken part in an interview with D Magazine to discuss how the company is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Firstly, he believes that his job is more important than it has ever been before, as there is an exceptional need for creating connections to prevent singles from feeling isolated.

After lockdown measures were implemented in the US, “reprioritized” its roadmap and set about introducing features that would help users navigate virtual dating. A free hotline was set up that put singles in contact with experts who offered advice and discussed any concerns about the new dating landscape.

The team also worked quickly on introducing an in-app video call feature within four weeks. Matches can now choose to have their first virtual date without needing to exchange personal information with relative strangers.

According to Hosseini, the number of users who are willing to get to know someone through video jumped from 6% to 70% after the outbreak.

He also expects daters will continue to use video as a first stepping stone even after lockdown is ended, which he hopes will lead to more positive offline dates.

Hosseini explained to D Magazine: “In our industry, 2020 will forever be the year that changed the way singles connect. Singles will discover new tools during this time and will probably keep using them post-pandemic, such as meeting your matches over video before a date.”

Finally, the CEO said maintaining the dating company’s culture was very important and he makes sure the team stays in constant contact with each other, both for work and general socialising.

Employees were offered stipends to help them set up their home offices. Hosseini also said it has been “humanizing” to get an insight into his colleagues’ private lives by meeting their spouses, children and pets.

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