Ad Banned for Offensive Stereotypes

A video ad from, originally posted on TikTok, was banned after The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled it contained offensive gender stereotypes.

The ad titled “Things that make me realise I’m a keeper”, shows a couple in their home with the woman giving a man a drink, organising clothes, and putting a football match on their TV.

During the ad, viewers can hear the woman’s thoughts, such as “I will make him his protein drink after the gym” and “I always make sure he has a fresh towel and socks after his shower”, reported Sky News.

A viewer of the video challenged the ad, believing it was sexist and showed negative gender stereotypes. The ASA then concluded that the chores undertaken by the woman in the ad were to “please her male partner”, which could be reinforcing negative stereotypes.

“We further noted that the actions of the woman were one-sided and were not reciprocated by the man in the ad”, the authority said. responded by saying the video contained unscripted examples which “demonstrate that small gestures between couples were integral to successful relationships”, reports The Guardian.

The dating company also stated that the ad was part of a larger series of videos, which included examples of a man making helpful gestures towards a woman.