Match Group Hits 100% Pay Equity by Gender Target

Match Group has announced that it partnered with Syndio, a consultancy focused on pay equity across gender and race, to carry out a comprehensive analysis of its employee packages this year.

Analysts at Syndio found that Match has 100% pay equity by gender. There are plans to carry out additional audits year-on-year to monitor any new developments.

Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Match Group, said: “One of my guiding principles as a leader has always been rewarding employees based on their impact on the organization, whether they ask for it or not. So often and in so many businesses, women don’t make compensation demands.

“And until we raise our daughters to make those demands, we, as leaders, need to be proactive and methodical about how we think about compensation. I’m so proud that our organization can lead by example, but our work isn’t done.

“We need to continue to diversify our employee base, invest in career advancement and be vigilant about this topic.”

Around 40% of Match Group’s 1,000 employees are female, well above the average for large tech firms.

Elsewhere this week, IAC CEO Joey Levin spoke at IGNITION 2018 about the firm’s investment strategy.

Match Group is one of the companies IAC holds on a “forever timeline” – he is focused on long term cash flow rather than quarterly results.

“Whatever we buy, whatever we operate, we own forever,” Levin said.

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Scott Harvey

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