Match Group Releases Global Relationship Report

The Match Group has released its first Relationship Report, a survey exploring global dating trends and behaviours. The research was conducted by Ipsos, with insights collected from 17,000 individuals across Europe, Asia and North America.

“Today, we are releasing a first-of-its-kind report that measures the global impact of online dating. This Relationship Report, conducted in partnership with Ipsos, offers a bird’s eye view of how online dating has fundamentally changed how people seek and develop relationships across the world”, wrote Bernard Kim, CEO of Match Group.

The report’s key takeaway is that online dating is the most common method for singles across the globe to find meaningful relationships, being especially popular within the LGBTQ+  community. It also highlighted common safety concerns and popular solutions.

Of the respondents it spoke with, the study found that 60% went on dates or developed a relationship after using a dating platform. Of that 60%, almost half of that group went on a date while 32% developed a relationship.

The study also analysed whether online dating was helping singles find the type of relationship they were looking for. India was the most effective at this, with 78% of Indian singles saying they were very / quite successful at finding the right relationship for them.

In the US, Japan and Germany, the number LGBTQ+ individuals who’ve used a dating app (46%) out weight the wider population (31%). This reinforces the key role that online dating plays within the LGBTQ+ community, Match Group shares.

Across these three countries, the LGBTQ+ community and the wider population have relatively similar perceptions of dating platforms. 29% and 28% of these communities say they have more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ experiences in online dating, respectively.

The report also highlights safety and user concerns when it comes to online dating. The most common concern among online dating users globally is whether people are the same person they claim to be on their profile.

The study found that older generations are more concerned with authenticity, while younger singles tend to focus more on the threat of physical harm. Generally speaking, women across different nations felt online dating was not safe to a greater extent than men did.

Among possible solutions to safety issues, the most popular measures are said to be member ID verification, reporting tools for inappropriate behaviour, access to emergency services and emergency tools within apps, and access to background checks regarding violence and abuse.

Match Group writes that online dating is a positive force for real world connection, breaking down barriers and encouraging inclusivity. It also states “our users deserve the most effective safety technology, resources, and reporting mechanisms.”

“We hope this report will help inform the global conversation about what it means to form relationships online, and challenge all of us in the industry to do what’s needed to stand up for our users”, added Kim in his foreword.

“Because whatever their background or desires, everyone deserves to feel secure, supported, and above all – loved”, he concluded.

You can download the full Relationship Report from the Match Group website at this link. 

Image courtesy of the Relationship Report from the Match Group.

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