Match Group Stops Operations in Russia

Match Group has announced that its brands in Russia will be ceasing operations, with a total withdrawal from the Russian market by 30th June.

The BBC reports that the decision comes after increased pressure on global brands to leave Russia, following the country’s human rights violations. Brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Bumble, have all pulled out of the country.

Friends Fiduciary Corp, a Match Group shareholder, explained that the company’s work in Russia was not reflecting well. 

“It’s not a good look for a trusted brand to be continuing operations in a nation where the head of state has been indicted by the International Criminal Court,” said the corp’s Executive Director Jeff Perkins.

With Match Group ceasing operations in Russia, this could lead to the growth of their competitors in the region. Other popular dating apps in Russia include Mamba, Tabor, Beboo, and SweetMeet.

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