New Report Shows Age Statistics For Japanese Dating Profiles

Pairs, a Match Group-owned dating product with a large audience in Japan, has published two charts describing how its users interact with profiles.

Both charts show user age on the x-axis, and the percentage of profiles in thet data set on the y-axis.

Chart A

The first chart (chart A, shown above) shows two age distribution curves. One is for the top 500 female profiles, and the other is for Pairs’ entire female user base. 

The blue curve, which highlights the age distribution of the top 500 female profiles, reveals that 24, 25, and 26-year old women are overrepresented among the most popular accounts men browse. 

22, 27 and 28-year old women also receive plenty of interaction, but there are fewer 23-year old women in the top 500. According to reporting by SoraNews24, this “might be because they’re not seen as young and carefree as college students, yet not quite settled into sophisticated young adulthood.”

No age over 31 accounts for more than 3% of the profiles in the top 500, despite 31, 32, 33 and 34 year old women each making up more than 3% of the female user base (shown on the red curve).

Chart B

The second chart (chart B, shown above) compares the age distribution for the top 500 male and female profiles. The red line here represents the same data as the blue line above. 

Men aged 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 were all well represented in the top 500 profiles. It’s difficult to say whether they are overrepresented, however, as Pairs did not reveal an age distribution curve for its entire male user base.

The dating app also outlined findings on popular fashion choices. 60.8% of the women in the top 500 were wearing sleeveless tops in their profiles, while 13.6% were wearing a yukata or kimono. 

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