Meet The Founders – Q&A With Ulf Kuhn, CEO and Founder of Glambu

Global Dating Insights is delighted to announce a new feature – Meet The Founders. Within these Q&A sessions, we meet different founders from across the online dating space, quizzing them on their background, their platforms, and their thoughts on the industry as it stands today.

We’re delighted to introduce our first founder – Ulf Kuhn, CEO and founder of Glambu.

Within this Q&A, Luke and Ulf talk about his past in dating, the Glambu platform, and where it stands. 

As well as this, Luke and Ulf dived  into trends surrounding this form of dating and how the pandemic has affected not only Glambu, but the online dating world in general. Ulf also provided more of an insight into the reasoning behind creating a more luxurious and glamorous dating platform.