Millenials Just As Happy To Be Set Up By Friends As To Meet Someone Organically


Millenials are as happy to be set up by a friend as they are to meet someone organically, new YouGov data reveals.

The research looks at people’s willingness to be set up on dates, finding that over a quarter of Americans (28%) have been set up on a blind date before, and one in ten are still with that person.

Of those who have been set up, 43% said they would be happy to be set up again, whereas 42% said they wouldn’t.

YouGov also found that millennials who have been set up before are the most likely to be set up again (56%).

In terms of who they were introduced by, 56% said it was by a friend, 17% by their family and 13% by a coworker.

The data comes from YouGov’s Omnibus research, which sources nationally representative results from its over 1.8m respondents in the US.

YouGov dating
In terms of how Americans would like to meet the next person they date, 15% said through a family member or friends, but most (34%) said they would like to meet that person organically.

Millennials, however, were just as likely to want to be set up by friends and family (23%) as meet someone by chance (27%).

Just one in ten young Americans said they wanted to meet that person through a dating app (12%).

In recent months there have been a number of companies, namely Hinge and M8, who have released services allowing people to help digitally matchmake both their friends and strangers.

Hinge’s new standalone Hinge Matchmaker app works in tandem with the main Hinge app, and allows anyone to play “virtual cupid” for their single friends.

Check out the full YouGov research here.