MillionaireMatch Announces New Agreement to Ensure User Privacy

The dating app designed for wealthy singles MillionaireMatch has announced a new agreement, ensuring added user privacy and data protection.

The ‘Extra Privacy’ service agreement debuted this week on MillionaireMatch’s website and iOS app.

As part of its commitment to take user privacy seriously, the company has introduced several provisions in this agreement to protect privacy and limit unwarranted claims that could force members into expensive litigation.

Notably, the agreement includes a requirement that all disputes between members be resolved in private arbitration rather than in a public lawsuit.

The disputes, as well as the arbitration proceedings and awards regarding such disputes, are not guaranteed to be kept confidential and governed by the Nondisclosure Agreement (“NDA”) provisions addressed elsewhere in the agreement.

Johnny Du, CEO of MillionaireMatch, said in a statement: “MillionaireMatch is the first one to help members solve dating disputes privately rather than in a public lawsuit in the entire dating industry.

“Our users expect a high level of privacy and protection, and we are happy to provide them this with our new service agreement. We must take this seriously, and we meet that high bar. Our new arbitration agreement streamlines security and privacy for everyone.”

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