MillionaireMatch Introduces a Patent Pending “Recall” Feature

MillionaireMatch has recently introduced a patent pending “Recall” feature for its members.

The “Recall” feature is looking to allow members to recall photos, messages and entire conversations.

It ensures that members will feel comfortable knowing that, if they change their mind about a match, they can then erase any conversation or photo from the conversation history that they had.

The feature will protect their privacy and will guarantee that users will feel safer using the app.

The “Recall” feature has been developed from analysing user behaviours and needs in the current digital climate.

MillionaireMatch’s spokesperson explained: “At the moment, there’s a lot of talk about privacy and data issues. We’re seeing problems with social media, with businesses — with just about everything. We wanted to make sure our valued users at MillionaireMatch don’t ever have to have these concerns.

“That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘Recall’ feature — to keep our members happy and to guarantee their privacy is protected. We’re committed to staying ahead of the curve.”

To use the feature, users have to press on the message and hit “Recall”. It is then removed from the thread and replaced with “You’ve recalled a message.”

Visit the website here.

Chloe Gay

Chloe is a reporter at Global Dating Insights. Originally from Bracknell, she is studying Communication & Media at Bournemouth University. She enjoys writing, travelling and socialising with her friends and family.

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